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Which program is the right fit?




The best place for new players to get started is through developmental leagues and summer camps. League is designed for players who are starting out and also for players who have some experience through camps, lessons, and school. The developmental league is short-term, there are no tryouts required, and we have various levels within the league. League is also great for players who participate in other sports and can't commit to a club team.


Players who have been in other leagues such as I-9, YMCA, or other parent-coached leagues should start here as well. Our league is run by experienced coaches and is much more advanced and technical than other leagues.

Click here for more information on the league

Players who are just starting out can also learn the basics through camps. Camps are offered in the summer and over holiday breaks. Upcoming camp information can be found here.

We do not offer trial classes for new players. All players must be registered and paid to attend our programs.

Leagues and camps are offered in The Woodlands/ Magnolia and Creekside.


Experienced players can range from a few months of league or school to years of club volleyball. Players who are not ready for a club team and a long-term commitment are encouraged to stick with the league. We suggest that players who are ready for a bigger commitment and want to focus on volleyball try out for a club team. Tryouts are required to make a club team and players are placed on teams by age and skill level. The main tryout is held in July of each summer and tryouts will continue until all spots are filled. First and second-team spots are typically filled on the first night of tryouts. 

Club season will begin in November and continue through April or June (national-level teams). Fall league is included for all 10s-12s club players and these players will be grouped together, separately from the league players. Fall league is used for team selection and training for 10s-12s club players.

For more information on club teams, click on the links below.

*The information below is for the current club season and is subject to change each year.


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