Developmental League

Developmental league is a program that is meant to prepare players for school and club. Our leagues provide structured practices and experienced coaches. No parent volunteer coaches like most leagues. League is for beginners and also for players with prior experience. Grades will vary per season but are typically 2nd-9th grade.

League players do not have to try out and are placed in groups based on experience and grade. Friend requests can be accommodated as long as players are similar in skill level and grade.

Winter, spring, summer, and fall leagues are offered every year. Most leagues are 8 weeks with the exception of winter session 1 which is 6 weeks. 

Practices are 1.5 hours each and offered once or twice a week (summer and fall only). A discounted price is offered for players who sign up for 2 days a week.

Prices range from $190-$250 for one day a week to $450 for two days a week (summer and fall only). Club prep ranges from $300-$550 depending on the number of practices.

New for 2021! 

We are adding a new group to our leagues for club players and future club players. Any player with prior club experience or a player who has already tried out and made a club team will be grouped together. Players who want to prepare for a club team the following year will be in the "club prep" group. Requirements must be met in order to be in these groups. Practices will be more advanced for these groups.

Club and club prep pricing is $300 for one day a week and $500 for two days a week. **Two day a week sessions are only offered in the summer and fall.

Boys volleyball is here! We are excited to add a boys group to our league. At this time we are offering league for 4th-8th graders. We hope to add more levels in the future.


Beginner Level 1 are players who have no experience or have little experience through camps or parent/volunteer coached leagues such as the Y or I9. 

Beginner Level 2 are players who have completed one of our leagues and/or camps, clinics, lessons. Players should have some knowledge of the game and have been taught basic skills by experienced coaches.

Intermediate players have some experience through our league or school in addition to camps or lessons. Typically players will need to have completed at least 2 of our leagues before being considered intermediate. Players should be able to perform all basic skills such as passing, setting, hitting, and serving.

Club Prep players should have at least 9 months of playing experience including our leagues, school, camps, and lessons. This group is ideal for players who want to try out for a club team next season. 

Club is offered during summer and fall. This group is for experienced club team players.

Details and registration for upcoming leagues can be found by clicking the link below.

For questions regarding league, contact us at