2022-2023 Club Tryouts

Which Age Group Do I Tryout For?

11s - Born on or after July 1, 2011

12s - Born on or after July 1, 2010

13s - Born on or after July 1, 2009

14s - Born on or after July 1, 2008

15s - Born on or after July 1, 2007

16s - Born on or after July 1, 2006

17s - Born on or after July 1, 2005

18s - Born on or after July 1, 2004

Spots Available - 11/1

18s - Full

17s - 1 spot

16s - Full

15s - Full

14s - Full

13s - Full

12s - Full

11s - 1 spot

Make-up tryout will be scheduled once registration is submitted. An email should be received within 48 hours.

What do I bring to tryouts?


A non-refundable deposit check in the amount of $500 (an additional $250 will be due for any player who makes a national team) is required to be turned in at check-in. The deposit check amount is listed by the team on the club fees sheet. Checks will not be cashed until a position has been accepted. Players should also bring plenty of water, wear athletic shoes or volleyball shoes, knee pads, athletic shorts. No jewelry is allowed and hair should be pulled back.

 All players will also be given a tryout shirt with a number at check-in.

Tryout registration must be completed online.

Tryout Pricing:

March 15th-June 21st - $60

Starting June 22nd - $75

Late Registration (day of tryouts) - $90 

Make-up tryouts - $75

Private tryout - $100

It is highly recommended that players attend the official tryout dates. 

Players who cannot attend official tryouts can be evaluated through Pre-Tryout Camps in June. The tryout fee is included in the camp price if you choose "camp with evaluation". The tryout registration form must be completed in addition to the camp registration form. Players who are evaluated during camps will be contacted for team placement after official tryouts conclude in their age group.

For players who cannot make it to pre-tryout camps or official tryouts, make-up tryouts will be offered until all spots are filled.

Tryout Process


The tryout process will consist of a player evaluation performed by multiple coaches and directors. Each player will have an evaluation form completed during tryouts. Players are evaluated on skill level, coach-ability, attitude, effort, position, athleticism, and experience. We encourage players to attend pre-tryout skills clinics in May and June as well as summer camps to give our coaches and directors more opportunities to get to know players.


Information will be emailed and posted on the website including club fees, tentative tournament schedules, and coaching assignments for some teams. Directors will be available for questions immediately before the tryout begins and after tryouts conclude. They will not be able to meet during tryouts so they can evaluate players. Due to tryouts taking place each night and the number of players trying out, directors will not have the time for individual meetings the day after tryouts. We suggest asking questions prior to the tryouts.


Once tryouts have concluded, coaches and directors meet to go over evaluations and collectively decide on team placement for all players.  When team placement is finalized all parents will be contacted either by phone or email immediately after tryouts starting with the top team. All players will receive an email or phone call within 36 hours. The position offered must be accepted promptly as your decision could affect others. Offers will start with the top team and move down through the other teams as offers are accepted or declined. Local teams in the 11s-13s age group will not be set until the fall during fall training. Spots will be offered but not a specific team.  Travel teams will be set at tryouts. All spots on travel teams are typically filled after the first tryout.

Be prepared to accept or decline immediately when you receive a phone call or email with an offer. Players who are offered a travel team will have up to 30 minutes to accept. Players who are offered local teams may have up to 24 hours.

This season Revolution has 32 club teams and expects to have approximately 32-34 club teams next season at the Magnolia/Woodlands location. We will not have a 10s team but players who are under 10 and under can try out for an 11s team. Expected teams in each age group are listed below:

11s - 3

12s - 5

13s - 7

14s - 6

15s - 6

16s - 3

17s - 2

18s - 1


Keep in mind these are "tryouts" which means not all players will make a team but our goal is to provide a place for all athletes to continue training. If a player is not offered a spot on a club team, we offer a variety of other options to keep them involved in the sport such as a developmental program, redshirt positions, camps, and private lessons.

Coaches will be named by tryouts and tentatively placed with a team. Not all positions will be filled in July. Revolution will continue to hire coaches from July until the start of the club season and place coaches as spots are filled.  Revolution is always looking to hire the most experienced coaches and we want to make sure all coaches are a good fit for the team level and age group.  


If a player cannot attend tryouts there are several options for make-up.  We will offer tryouts through our pre-tryout clinics prior to tryouts and will have a make-up tryout in late July and August.  All players are highly suggested to make the actual tryout date for accurate team placement.  Players who try out at the pre-tryout clinics will not be placed on a team until after their age group tries out in July.

For more information regarding our club program go to the programs page on our website

or email Shelly at woodlandsrevolution@yahoo.com or Chase at chase@woodlandsrevolutionvbc.com.

Thank you for choosing Revolution!